The Group

Image House Holding owns a leading group of companies in visual inspection worldwide.

The main assets are 72% ownership of IHFood A/S, 89% ownership of Image House PantoInspect A/S and 56% ownership of IHP Systems A/S.

All our systems are based on the lights, cameras, lasers and software.

The name Image House has been recorded in the Register of Community Trade Marks  N 000715532.

Image House Holding A/S today has the secondary name Image House A/S


A proven track record and combined experience of several decades in creating long-term business value.

Henrik Ilsby, Chairman of the Board, over 20 years in imaging business. Executive experience within the component industry. Broad network within the industry.

Hans Steenberg, CEO, founder of the Image House group in 1985. Highly seasoned entrepreneur. Deep competencies identifying niches where imaging solutions improve quality and reduce costs.


Image House Holding A/S is conveniently located downtown Copenhagen.

Shopping, restaurants and public transport are fantastic in the area. Parking is expensive.


Image House Holding A/S
Store Kannikestræde 7
1169 Copenhagen K, Denmark

VAT/CVR# DK 29 92 57 39

Tel. +45 4015 4015